Bank Holiday Haul


So, not only was it payday this week but it was also a bank holiday (YEEAAHHH!…one extra day to lounge around the flat). I always look for an excuse to treat myself to a bit of shopping, so this was the perfect opportunity to spend some of my hard-earned cash on a few bits. Having said that, I tried to limit my spending this weekend so I purposely avoided the more “high end” products.

First stop – Superdrug.

I’d been looking for a reasonably priced eyeshadow palette this week and I’d heard that the Makeup Revolution palettes were quite good and very cheap. When I first approached the Makeup Revolution section I was slightly overwhelmed at the number of palettes they had available. It took a while but I finally decided on the Affirmation palette as the colour selection was more to my taste.

This palette boasts 32 eyeshadows; given the size of the packaging I was already expecting the pans to be very small, but for the price I didn’t really care. I love the colours included because they are mostly neutral with rose and copper tones as well as purples. In addition to this, some of the shadows carry a shimmer, which I’m all for. Makeup Revolution 32 Eye Palette Affirmation – £8.00


Whilst I was at the Makeup Revolution stand I picked up this peachy-pink blush in the shade Treat; it was only £1 so I went for it. Makeup Revolution Powder Blusher Treat – £1.00

The next item on my list was the Real Techniques setting brush. I’d been looking for a good brush to use for setting under my eyes when highlighting. I’d seen this brush been used by Kaushal on YouTube (Kaushal Beauty) and I already own Real Techniques brushes so I knew they were good.

I couldn’t find the brush as an individual product but it was part of the Sculpting Set. I was hesitant to buy it at first because I only really wanted the setting brush, but the pack also contained a sculpting brush specifically designed to be used for contouring. I don’t have a good contour brush that I can use with my cream/liquid contour products so I decided I needed to try it, and bought the set. Also, included is a fan brush that can be used for highlighting. I already have two, but I guess one more wouldn’t hurt. Real Techniques Collectors Edition Sculpting Set – £20.99 

Next, I bought a pack of cotton buds – how exciting!?. They’re pretty ordinary except for the fact that they have a slightly more pointed tip compared to standard cotton buds. I bought these for when I need to clean up my eyeliner or eyeshadow (I’m not a makeup artist so this tends to happen quite a bit). Superdrug Cotton Cosmetic Buds x80 – £1.39

As I was walking to the checkout I stumbled across the MUA stand where I saw the Undress Me Too eyeshadow palette. As I was already craving a new eyeshadow palette I decided to pick this one up as well as the Makeup Revolution palette. My sister has this palette which I used at last Christmas; I loved the gold and copper shimmer tones, and they applied quite nicely on my lids – plus for £4 it’s a bargain! MUA Eyeshadow Palette Undress Me Too – £4.00

Next – KIKO Milano

This will be the second time I’ve bought anything from KIKO, not because they’re bad, just because I’m too lazy to walk 10 minutes from my flat. I’m kidding…maybe. The first time I went was when they first opened the store in my local shopping centre. At the time I didn’t know much about the brand and decided to invest in a few of their skincare products which were very good…from what I can remember. This time I thought I’d try out their eyeshadows (I guess this weekends mission was to buy as many eyeshadows as possible). I was looking for some peach/orange colours to go with my outfit for my cousin’s wedding coming up in a month. They didn’t have the shade of peach I was looking for but they did have more orangey shades that I can use for my crease. The shadows were part of their new High Pigment Wet and Dry Eyeshadow range; I got shades 35 – Pearly Apricot and 44 – Matte Sienna (photos below). Hopefully these work well so I can create my desired look for the wedding. KIKO Milano High Pigment Wet and Dry Eyeshadow – £6.90

My final purchase from KIKO was the Purifying Pure Clean makeup wipes; not because they’re superior to any other, just because I needed some new ones. Having said that I don’t have to rub my face half to death in order to get my makeup off, these remove the majority of my makeup easily. KIKO Milano Face Products – £5.90


Finally – Beauty Bay

Beauty Bay has become my go to site for buying makeup and skincare products. The site sells products from brands that I wouldn’t be able to buy from the shops in my city. This weekend I wanted to buy more of the Gerard Cosmetics Hydra Matte Liquid Lipsticks. I have previously bought two of these in shades Serenity (made even more popular by Kylie Jenner) and Iced Mocha. I loved both of these shades as well as the texture and wear so I wanted to try out the other colours. I didn’t plan on buying six more shades but there was a buy-one-get-one-half-price offer, and at £9.50 a piece I thought it was a great opportunity to try even more shades. Stay tuned for a swatch post and review of all the shades coming soon. Gerard Cosmetics Hydra Matte Liquid Lipstick – £9.50

Last week Beauty Bay had also added a new Gerard Cosmetics product that I was really excited about. In the first week of April the brand launched their new line of setting sprays, Slay All day Setting Spray. There are five fragrances to choose from – Green Tea, Jasmine, Lavender, Lemongrass and Peach. The brand promises to “keep makeup in place all day” and “control the amount of oil produced”, while “promoting a natural finish”. I had seen this promoted by a few on Instagram so I grabbed at the chance of buying one when I saw they had been added to Beauty Bay. I personally prefer citrus scents so I obviously chose Lemongrass. Looking forward to trying this out! Gerard Cosmetics Slay All Day Setting Spray – £12.50


Carrying on the theme of this weekends haul, I decided to try out Makeup Geek’s Sparklers. I’ve heard mixed reviews about these so I wanted to try them out for myself. I haven’t bought any shimmer/glitter pigments before (I’m really behind on this trend, I know) so I only bought two to start with. I decided to buy from Makeup Geek because I’d heard they were made with very finely milled glitter, making them one of the safest on the market. I bought shades Solar Flare, a beautiful peachy colour, and Satellite – a gold/purple tone. I haven’t used these yet but I did open them to have a sneak peak; these products are very messy, I was covered in so much glitter just from opening the packaging. It was a little disappointing. Hopefully they perform better on the eyes. Makeup Geek Sparklers – £9.50


And that just about rounds it up! I’m super excited to try out all of the products I hauled this weekend. If there are any products you’d like me to review or post a tutorial with then let me know.

Love Always,

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