The Multicoloured Stag


Last September I moved into a flat on my own for the first time. I’ve lived away from home since I moved out to university and I just happened to find a job in the same city after I graduated. Up until last September I’ve always lived in shared flats so living on my own seemed both exciting and scary at the same time. I found a decent one bedroom flat in the middle of town which was perfect for both work and leisure. It’s nothing special but I like it, its my home.

Anyway, the flat was completely unfurnished and all the walls were white – it was super boring and bland. I’d had some ideas on what colour schemes I wanted in each room and so I started decorating. I had finished decorating the bedroom by October and I didn’t start the living room until January of this year. By this time my boyfriend had found a job in Nottingham so he left London to come and live with me (so so so so happy!). Given that he was now living here it made buying assembling furniture so much easier.

After finishing everything in the living room I was happy but I felt as though something was missing. The living room has two big windows on either side of the wall which leaves quite a big plain gap in between. I knew I wanted to add something to it and after discussing it with my boyfriend it we decided we would paint a stag silhouette in the empty space. We were originally going to paint it as a standard black silhouette, but after thinking about it I realised that it wouldn’t have brought the spark that I felt was missing. I suggested painting it multicoloured and at first the boyfriend said no, but I managed to sway him a little.

So after work one day I painted it using bog standard kitchen sponges and it turned out better than I could have imagined. Now I felt like the room was complete. Although the colour scheme is grey white and green in the living room, the multicoloured stag really sets the room off and it’s always a topic of conversation when new people come round. This was actually the first piece of artwork I’d done in months so it felt so good when it was finished. Let me know what you think.




Love Always,

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