Review: Kylie Lip Kit in Exposed


Ok so, first of all, I can’t believe it’s been over a month since I last posted; I didn’t realise how busy I was with work, uni and family weddings. But I have quite a few posts in mind that I want to get up as soon as possible, starting with this.

I just happened to be on Facebook one day and the first thing I see is a post from Kylie Jenner saying that her site was live. It seemed like a miracle. I’ve been trying to get hold of a lip kit for ages but they were always sold out.

Much to my joy, I managed to get my hands on, what was then, her newest shade Exposed. I was tempted to buy more of the other shades but it had been an expensive month so I restrained myself. I’d read some reviews about the time it took for the lip kits to arrive so I wasn’t expecting to receive mine for about three weeks. To my surprise my order was at my door and in my hands just ten days later, so it wasn’t too bad. Okay, on to the product.

The lipstick came in its well known packaging and contained a lip liner and the liquid lipstick.

The liner is quite creamy so it applies really easily and just gives a nice base for the lipstick itself. When I applied the lipstick it had a slight sweet scent which was quite nice and it swept across the lips beautifully. I was happy that there was good colour pay off with just one dip into the product.

The colour itself was one of the nicer nudes I’ve tried. I have a lot of other lipsticks that are nude but have a more pink undertones; this on the other hand has more orangey-brown undertones, which I think suit my skin tone better as a nude. So basically I was happy with the colour.

I’ve worn this once all day and it didn’t really budge or crumble that much. I have to say though that it is slightly more drying than other liquid lipsticks I’ve tried, so it was a little uncomfortable at first. I also found that it not only made my lips feel dry, it made them look dry too. I was wearing the MAC lip prep and prime underneath which, under any of my other lipsticks, blurs any lines in my lips. With the Kylie lip kit I found that after a while those lines looked like the deepest of crevices. My lips looked so dry and when I smiled it just looked like zebra stripes.

Honestly, I haven’t worn it on it’s own since; I have other liquid lipsticks which are similar in colour and feel better on the lips. What I have done is wear a light coat of this on top of MAC’s Yash lipstick because they’re very similar in shade.

All in all, I was disappointed with it because it wasn’t what I was expecting. I do not, however, regret buying it because I did want to try it. I probably won’t be buying any of the other shades though.

If any of you guys have had the same experience or if they worked for you then let me know in the comments below; i’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

UPDATE: So I’ve been using the lip kit for a while now to try and make it work for me. I’ve found that using a bit of lip balm on top of the lipstick helps it to stop enhancing every crevice in my lips. I’ve also started to exfoliate my lips right before I apply the lipstick, which makes my lips smooth smooth smoooooth. Although applying the lip balm contradicts the idea that this is supposed to be a matte formula, it doesn’t really bother me. I really liked the colour so I’m happy I’ve made it more wearable for myself. 

Love Always,


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