March Palette Fix: Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette Look 2 – Purple Grunge


Hey lovelies,

So this is the second look of this months palette fix. Last week I went for a more subtle look so this week I wanted to amp up the drama a little and go for a smokey, grungy look.

I first primed my lids as usual and set it using the shade Peaches n’ Cream.

I then went in with the shade Georgia as a transition colour in my crease. I found this to apply really nicely without any pigmentation issues or patchy areas.

To deepen the crease I blended in the shade Summer Yum. I feel that this shade works best when blending it with a fluffy brush. It just reduces the risk of the shadow being patchy, which can then take much longer to blend out.

Generally, purple shadows tend to lack in pigmentation so I was interested to see how the shade Delectable performed. I first went in with a slightly smaller blending brush but found that the shadow blended into practically nothing and I couldn’t get much colour onto the eye. I decided to use an even smaller brush (Zoeva 231) and place the colour into the crease. This way I was able to pack on the colour. I then went in with the blending brush and blended this into the previous shadows and outwards, creating a wing-like shape. I repeated this process twice to get my desired look.

Then I took the shade Tempting and placed this lightly in the inner and outer corners of my eye. I wanted to create some depth before adding colour on top. At this point I wasn’t sure how it would turn out but thought I’d give it a go. The shade applied nicely, just needed a bit of work to blend it into the outer crease.

I wanted this look to have some sort of glam to it so I decided to go in with the shade Peach Pit, which has a slight shimmer, on the lid. It also seemed to compliment the shade Delectable. I used a flat synthetic brush for this and sprayed it with a little setting spray to enhance the shimmer. I really like this shade and it definitely applied better with a damp brush. I was expecting the shimmer to be more noticeable, but I liked the shade and thought it went well with the look.

On the lower lash line I first went in with the shade Delectable to balance the look. I then took the shade Summer Yum and blended this in to soften the look, before tightlining with Tempting.

Finally I finished the look by lining my waterline, applying mascara and my Huda Lashes in Naomi. I then went back in with the shade Georgia to blend the colours out more, but also so the colour could be seen more above the crease.

I was really happy with the way the look turned out. I think the lighter matte shades are easier to work with than the darker ones. Thats not to say the darker shades were un-usable, it just took more time to blend them out.

I hope you liked the look. I’d love to hear what you think in the comments below.

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Love Always,

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